Whoever thinks that Opera and Musical are worlds apart
has another think coming

is a playful concert in which we plan to show you how much
the two forms of theater actually have in common.

It's the best of All Possible Worlds

What do you think, for example, of the Opera “
Aida” from Guiseppe Verdi
in comparison to the musical of the same name from Elton John & Tim Rice

La Bohème” compared to “Rent

Madame Butterfly” compared to “Miss Saigon

Louise Werner, Rudolf Ruivenkamp, Pauline du Bois & Rolf van Rijsbergen

4 singers who have laid their roots
in the Opera and Musical world respectively,
have joined forces with pianist Cas Straatman
to present you with the most beautiful opera and musical melodies
in one concert.

In addition to the above mentioned repertoire you can delight in the
melodies of many other popular Operas and Musicals.

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about the singers and their performances
as well as booking information
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English translation: Allison van de Sande - Spalding